We will explain some rules of purchasing property in Turkey. We will explain the property purchasing process step by step.

As you know foreigners are able to purchase property in Turkey.

After deciding on the property you will be purchasing, it is recommended that you check the property details of the desired property in the relevant Title Deed Office. At this point you may seek the help of a legal adviser or a lawyer. The legal adviser or Lawyer should check the block, plot and layout numbers of the property and, most importantly, check if there are any liens on the property. Also, there should not be any annotations prohibiting the sale of the property.

The other important thing that needs to be checked is the property owner's name that is written on the title deed. The title deed needs to belong to the purported owner of the property, and any agreements or transactions to be conducted regarding the sale of the property should be between the listed owner and the buyer.

Also the type of property is important. There are two types of properties in a municipal zoning plan: residential and commercial property. If one wishes to purchase a house, the property should be located in a residential zone.

Moreover, the owner of the property should not have overdue taxes or overdue debts on the property, which may cause problems in terms of transferring the ownership of the property to the buyer.

According to Turkish Land Registry Law No. 2644, properties located in military security zones cannot be purchased by foreigners. For that reason you have to be careful about the location of the property before making an attempt to purchase it. That is why I strongly advise buyers to seek a legal adviser's help or a lawyer before deciding to buy property in Turkey.